Lovely Adventure in Mountain. Rila National Park

D: I remember the time when we first met. I was supposed to go to Georgia with Ivan, but he got drunk and lost his passport, so we ended up in Albania. And I met you. 

I: Because you offered to take a picture of me with my camera. You were the most talkative of your friends. You told me about your travel plans and we exchanged our facebook profiles. So I decided to join you and Ivan and try hitchhiking for the first time in my life.

D: When there is a hot blood chick traveling by herself, you don’t miss it! The probability that a girl from Siberia would meet me in Tirana is 1 to 72 trillion.

I: I’m very thankful to that it happened. Soon we’ll be for 4 years together. I like how kind you are, how adventures and ambitious you are, how you combine both stubbornness and patience, and of cause I love your sense of humor and smell.

D: I like you green yeas and blond long hair, that you are crazy and adventurous, I really love traveling with you, it’s super nice to travel together, and the most important thing is that you get my vibe… We are the great team together.

I: This compromises we do for each other, like now mountains and photo session.

D: Thank you, Yana
I: Thank you, Yonchev

Yana “…In this 4 years you became my husband, my friend, my inspiration and my support. We can be fun or serious together, tired or relaxed, hugging or kissing… it’s never boring, our modes are same different as we are, but all special and worth living through together. I’m looking forward to all the opportunities that are expecting us to prove again and again that we are the perfect team. Love you d.yonchev, happy anniversary!”

Yana & Yonchev

(не забравяйте да стартирате от бутона по-долу музикалния фон докато разглеждате снимките)

Photographer: George Stratiev
Videographer: Plamen Bijev
Inspiration and decor: Milena Koseva
Location: Rila National Park | Bulgaria

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